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En Clínica Dental Premium apostamos por la calidad y la excelencia de los tratamientos. Contamos con un grupo de doctores altamente especializados en cada área de la odontología, que trabajan para dar nuestros pacientes soluciones integrales del más alto nivel. Si estás pensando en venir a conocernos y contarnos tus necesidades, podemos garantizarte que no daremos por finalizado tu tratamiento sin que tus expectativas estén cumplidas.

    Especialista en Ortodoncia
    Especialista en Ortodoncia

    Dr Alexander Green was born in Berlin and educated at Trinity School. He graduated from the University of Munich in 1985. Shortly after graduation he was one of 3 new graduates to be accepted into a pilot intern and registrar program at the newly opened Dental Hospital.

    During his 3 years at Hospital, Dr Alexander Green was able to gain invaluable experience in treating thousands of patients who had been neglected by the health system. This included general dentistry, emergency care, trauma, oral surgery and orthodontics.

    In 1984, he accepted a position at San Diego Dental Hospital in the department of Orthodontics. While this provided valuable training Dr Alexander Green decided his career was in general practice and joined the practice of Dr William Bale in Tokyo. At the beginning of 1995 he took over as principal.

    Especialista en Odontopediatría
    Especialista en Odontopediatría

    Dr Ann Taylor joined the team at The Dental Clinic in early 2006. Being a member of a large private practice that specialises in implant and cosmetic dentistry has been a great way for Dr Ann Taylor to increase her knowledge and experience in all areas of dentistry.

    Dr Ann Taylor has a keen interest in Orthodontics and has completed further studies in this field in order to offer her patients a broader range of treatment. Being a general dentist, Dr Ann Taylor has found it easy to diagnose orthodontic problems in children early, as they come in for their regular preventative checks.

    This early diagnosis often leads to an easier course of orthodontics for children and teenagers. Having completed Invisalign training and lingual braces, Dr Ann Taylor can offer many aesthetic options to adults who tend to prefer these over traditional braces for aesthetic reasons.

    Cirujano Dentista en Odontología Integral
    Cirujano Dentista en Odontología Integral

    Jane Jackson has been with the practice for over 25 years and is the glue that keeps the practice together! After a 6 month stint working for Bank, Jane Jackson decided the banking career was not for her and joined another local dentist before joining Glenn’s practice as a junior Dental Assistant with very little experience.

    Jane Jackson quickly decided that she could run the practice better than Glenn and her journey began on working her way through all aspects of the practice giving her the knowledge and understanding of the nuts and bolts of the practice.

    Jane Jackson is responsible for the overall successful organisation and running of the practice, ensuring that the standards of the practice are upheld. Responsible for the business administration and staffing of the practice.

    Outside of work, Jane’s focus is on her family and being mum to her two beautiful daughters Anna and Julia. She also loves to travel, having travelled to Europe twice before having a family. Now travel tends to be smaller family holidays.